I started this blog after reading a tweet by Sam Julien.

And just two days before I saw this tweet I started learning to code.

I decided to begin with JavaScript because it's the #1 programming language in use on the web and my end goal is to become a full stack developer.

I'm going to take Sam's advice and write short blog posts about what I've learned because I think it really is a good way to remember what I've learned and it's also a record of my journey into the world of programming.

I came up with the name "Try these tips ..." because I'll likely refer to the posts in future when there's something I don't quite recall and also because I think it might be a cool goal to make the main "Try these tips..." website a place where people can sign up and share their own tips with people, which is sort of a way for me to pay forward Sam's advice, and it feels good thinking about helping others.

Anyway that's all for now, I'll add more info about how I got started in my first post.